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CPS Oil and Gas Equipment Pvt Limited is a company based in Vasai - Maharashtra with a manufacturing area of over more than 25,000 sq ft & are involved in manufacturing Oil and Gas Equipments. With a state of art facility having the latest machines from CNC, VMC, Turn Mill and Multi Turn center's, all process are carried out in house to manufacture the critical application Oil and Gas Equipments.

We at CPS understand the importance of completion equipments. Completion Equipments act as a barrier between the Surface and Reservoirs. They are heart of every completion. We at CPS understand the philosophy that any Loss of Production or Well Integrity can be saved on a proper selection of a completion tool.

CPS provides customized solutions for every Project with their vast experience in Well completion which protects the life of the well for longer periods. With experience over more than 20 years in selling tools in the Asia subcontinent, CPS has now installed it's own manufacturing unit near to Mumbai in Vasai Industrial Zone Area. With complete integrity, CPS has designed and purchased rights to manufacture Completion and Floating Equipments in India for the Global Market.

Why Choose Us?

CPS competitive thrust has been achieved by some stringent quality programs, followed by the manufacturing team on step to step.

CPS has installed quality checks coupled with the best testing facilities and also procuring latest testing equipments to enhance production.


  • Big Boy Bridge Plug
  • Midget Type
  • E-Type Hydromechanical Type
  • P-Type Hydromechanical Type
  • Conventional Gas Lift Valve

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